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Sequels and Star Trek Into Darkness (No Spoilers).


Sequels have been around since at least the 1930’s especially the horror genre such as Frankenstein and Dracula etc. spawning popular after thoughts.    The Thin Man series began in 1934 and was followed by five sequels ending in 1947, the first that springs to mind from the 1950s is The Fly, The  Godfather  and the Star Wars franchises both began in the The Seventies.

In the Eighties we saw a proliferation of horror and comedy sequels stumbling blindly to, and beyond, the trilogy.


But it was Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter kicking off in 2001 (delivering 11 movies between them) which focused the search for in-built-audience franchise trilogy as opposed to the wanderings from genre to genre production companies had done in the past.

Since then we have had Pirates Of The Caribbean,  X-Men, and more recently the marvel world attempting to dominate with each character looking like they will get their own trilogies as well as the collective.


In Star Trek Into Darkness JJ Abrams has made the best kick ass extended episode Star Trek has ever seen and it is a good movie as well.

Most people will not want to hear too much about this so I’ll be brief.

It is visually stunning and I don’t say that lightly. The action set pieces are flawless. The nemesis is relentless; there is politics and subterfuge on a grand scale. Certainly this outing feels like the second part of a trilogy.


Abrams continues to reinvent the fates of familiar friends and enemies of The Enterprise. The film is faithful to the Star Trek Lore and at the same time introduces new elements which will excite fans. While it never rises about good solid entertainment it is certainly worth a visit to your local cinema.


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