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“Jurassic Pets” – A Short Pitch for a Movie Producer

This started off as my reply to a tweet from @wcbushman and then I wrote it as a Facebook post but it was too long.

So instead I decided that it would make a short blog!

I just has an idea for a sequel to the Jurassic Park franchise: if you like it is a sort of Gremlins 2 meets Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

“Jurassic Pets”

Ingen create completely tame, domestic pet-size dinosaurs, called Jurps (no offence to JURP intended).

People are now keeping them at home, taking them for walks etc. They eat a lot of our waste and so are very environmentally friendly, their own waste is used as fertiliser in city window boxes and parks.

The City Waste and Fertiliser Unions together with Government backing sue Ingen for loss of current & future earnings and win. Ingen is crippled. They have one last batch of Jurps which at least they can sell at a high price.

They are sold but very soon afterwards the owners realise there is something different about these last batch of Jurps, they are more intelligent and seem to have developed a sense of humour eg. hiding keys, making prank police phone calls, downloading porn from the internet and generally getting their owners in trouble. What starts off as cute begins to be inconvenient. The owners suddenly realise that unlike previous generations these Jurps are also growing in size.

A disgruntled geneticist from Ingen had injected them with an extra brain cells and less growth inhibitors.

Before the error can be rectified they all escape from their homes and disappear to Canada for a year only to return fully grown with their off spring to take New York.

Please can somebody make this, I’m too busy right now.

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