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Irish Film Trivia Round 7

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The Questions

Eva Birthistle plays Cillian Murphy’s mother in “Breakfast On Pluto”, in reality how many years apart are they in age?


While contracted to play James Bond what specific wardrobe restrictions caused a bit of trouble for Pierce Brosnan’s role in “The Thomas Crown Affair”?


Which Irish Actor summed up acting quite simply as “Be the person I’m playing. That’s what acting is. You’re pretending to be someone else.”?

Guess The Film

Which Thaddeus O’Sullivan movie script was altered when he found out about a similar themed John Boorman production?


Which in which Irish film starring Brendan Gleeson did the director ask Calexico if would they write part of the score to sound like Ennio Morricone?


Which Irish Film did the late Roger Ebert describe as “ a very funny movie about the people packed into small houses on a small street in a tight little neighborhood in Ireland.”


How is the Irish made title “Nothing Personal” connected to the years 1995 and 2009?

Guess The Film

Which Irish made film started out when Martin Sheen was given a book at the celebration of what would have been his late Mother’s 100 Birthday?


Which Irish actor has played the following characters; Danny, Liam, Jason, Ray, Tim, Nicky, Billy and Burglar 1 etc.?

Guess The Film

Which Lenny Abrahamson film made the 2013 European Film Award’s Film Selection long list?


The Answers

While she played his mother in “Breakfast On Pluto” Eva Birthistle is only 2 years older than Cillian Murphy.

The Bond contract forbade him to wear a tuxedo in any other films.

Saoirse Ronan spoke those words about acting.

“Ordinary Decent Criminal” (O’Sullivan’s film was going to be directly about Martin Cahill until they found out about Boorman’s “The General”)

“The Guard” had music written by Calexico made to sound like Ennio Morricone.

The Snapper was described thus by Roger Ebert.

Two different films of the same name “Nothing Personal” made in Ireland in those two years.

“Stella Days” was the film eventually made with Martin Sheen.

Robert Sheehan played all of those characters. 

“What Richard Did” made the 2013 European Awards Selection Long List.

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Love Is All You Need – Pierce Brosnan – Review

Thanks to Eclipse Pictures I watched a press screening of Love Is All You Need starring Pierce Brosnan and  Trine Dyrholm.


Once Bond always Bond, it is almost a vocation. But here Bond has put away his gun, taken on a vegetable empire and assumed a whole new back story while remaining the grieving widower.

Trine Dyrholm is a hairdresser in the recovery stages of cancer, who finds her husband cheating the day they have to leave for their daughter’s wedding in Italy. She is marrying Brosnan’s son and before you can say romantic entanglement the cast are on their way to the Mediterranean.


Mischief ensues.

The first quarter of the film is almost all in Danish and then it skips between Danish and English sprinkled with Italian.

It is obvious enough that this is a romance from the title but they continue to beat us around the head with it and various other branches of imagery as the film progresses. The engine of the story splutters a bit at the beginning. Some of the supporting cast could have made more of an effort to convince us they weren’t acting. When the story slows down in various places at least we have the lovely Italian landscapes and villas to rely on.


Though  Director Suzanne Bier does captured the cringe-filled atmosphere of when two families meet for weddings, in once scene there is a wonderful personality assassination of a loud and obnoxious character.


But it has a huge heart, despite Brosnan almost seeming that he may have preferred to be off somewhere stealing codes, he manages to have enough chemistry with his co-star Dyrholm and they clumsily wend their way through the plot. Dyrholm is absolutely delightful as the meek and awkward Ida

One for the very very Italy-starved and forgiving Romantics.


Love Is All You Need Opens in ireland April 19th

Cert 15A

Check your local Irish Cinema here