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An over populated and disease ridden Earth has forced the elite to live in a massive space station where they have technology to eradicate disease.  

This looks fantastic, the year is 2154 and the filthy crowded earth where architecture has been influenced by the amount of people who now inhabit the world. High-rise buildings sprout concrete branches that support entire housing estates. Robot police roam through the citizens and arrest people on parole for being cheeky and automated parole officers understand but don’t appreciate sarcasm. On Elysium people are blissful, beautiful and spend their time healing themselves and sipping champagne while the government shooting down any unauthorised ships that dare to try and invade. A great set up and the technology is slick and fun to watch.


Unfortuantely this lasts but a few minutes until you realise that poor old Matt Damon and the special effects team were the only ones doing their best when they made this film, though Sharlito Copley (District 9) was having loads of pantomime fun. The plot is simplified, silly and full of so many holes that halfway through I almost left. At one stage the editing was so bad that things seem to happen out of sequence. Characters make so many ridiculous choices and I was taken out of the story to slap my head enough times I was surprised I did not trigger a migraine. Jodie Foster struts about with a sort of America/English accent unlike anyone else in the film and she so nasty that she may as well have been carrying a broomstick, wearing a hat and sporting green make-up. There are characters on Earth who seem incapable until the plot needs them to be useful and technology that also appears when it is needed. It is bloody and violent in places and the action sequences are at the very best mildly entertaining and attempts at humour poor.

We do not spend enough time on the surface Elysium which looks like they have just stuck all the Beverly hills mansions back to back on the inside of a massive wheel. I have had enough of this review as well.

This trailer for “Gravity ” at the beginning was more entertaining and certainly looks more challenging.


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