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Tidying Up The World – Litterati

“Keep your country tidy”, I first remember seeing these words from a phase of chewing Juicy Fruit gum. On a family trip to the UK when I was not yet ten, I dropped the yellow Wrigley’s packaging on the ground and when my Mother asked me why I did it I told her “This isn’t my country”. It wasn’t funny the second time, I learned a lesson about littering and humour on that holiday.


We Humans are not instinctively a tidy lot. We have to teach children to get into the habit of cleaning up after themselves. Otherwise they will leave litter all over the place. But some people are not taught this while others don’t care or refuse to comply. This is why we have public litter bins which are sadly neglected and often overlooked.


Cleaning up after other people is not an instinct we enjoy (my family and friends who are parents know this more than most). I remember, as a child, the indignation of the accusation, when one of your parents would tell you to put something away that you had not used?

Litterati is a unique website that uses social media to help us clean up after others while making it entertaining. Their aim is to create a global digital landfill by cleaning up our planet one piece at a time.

Their rules are four

1) Find a piece of litter

2) Photograph it with Instagram

3) Hashtag your photo with #Litterati

4) Throw away, recycle or compost the litter

If you scroll through their digital landfill you will find arty, sad, funny, poignant and even amorous photographs of litter. We like to be entertained and when we can get involved, sure, there is no limit to human creativity and on top of all that the planet will thank you!!

Have a look yourself.


Their Global Impact (world map of Litterati sites)

Their Global Landfill (photos)

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