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Dalkey: Ireland’s First SmartNetTown

In the same week that The Gardaí dispatched undercover and armed units in an attempt to stop a spate of robberies in Dalkey and Killiney, An Tánaiste, Eamon Gilmore, presided over the launch of Smart Net Town, a new Business initiative from Dublin company Value Nation, backed by the Dalkey Business Group.

The Gardaí have stated that their decision was not made on any socio-economic basis. But you can almost be sure that the spate of burglaries they are trying to curb was based on a socio-economic decision.


The decision to make Dalkey the first SmartNetTown has a definite socio-economic core. There is no doubt that Dalkey is an upmarket destination (for Irish citizens and, unfortunately, criminals alike) which welcomes and houses many a famous face. Even though the businesses that populate the attractive, quaint and comfortable Heritage Town strive to maintain this high standard it does not mean that they are immune to the hangover the country is still experiencing from our recent economic disaster.


The Dalkey Business Group were approached by Value Nation with their idea of a loyalty card scheme that covers all the participating businesses in the town. Instead of each business having to run their own loyalty scheme, Value Nation’s LolliPoints Card invites all businesses to share the same card while individual points earned in each shop can only be redeemed in that shop. It is as much a loyalty management system for businesses as it is a loyalty arrangement for the customers. Value Nation has other towns waiting to see how the system works in Dalkey.

Loyalty cards are not a new concept but Value Nation have tapped into the Shop Local idea as well as promoting the reduction of cards that we all have to carry around.