Business Networking & Visual Artists

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Business Representation

The Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association is the voice of the Irish Owner/Manager.

Chief Executive Mark Fielding comes from an Accountancy background and has been involved in the set up of more than 300 businesses spreading across many commercial and corporate sectors in Ireland before helming the association.

They will represent you on a national level, offer you training, networking and in  your day-to-day running of your enterprise they offer advice on employment law, taxation and many other areas of your back room operations.
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Furniture Design

Ed Rhatigan and Gary Hick brought their training in antiques, furniture making and business skills together and in 2005 opened their bespoke furniture making business, specifically in the area of Kitchens.

Their work draws on the classic to the contemporary adding in their own experience to give you what you are looking for in culinary furniture, fitted and/or freestanding.

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Lynne Dalton offers you a fun way to burn the fat, based in South County Dublin, get fit through martial arts, Kettlebell and Cardio Box Fitness classes. Or if you prefer to take a walk, check this out.

And a last one for the Kids…

Internet for Business

Ujean McCann has been working in the web development since the sector was in its nappies.

He has built an expert team around him who delivers a complete business Internet package from Domain Registration, hosting, development, implementation, marketing and after sales services ensuring that your website’s potential is maximised.

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Five Guise is a US fast food chain that started in Arlington, Virginia by the Murrell family . They served only hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil.

Online Publishing

StoryCellar Online is a virtual bookclub for brand new short stories, putting readers in touch with new and established writers

As the world changes to suit the opportunities online The Story Cellar gives you the chance to browse, buy and read from the comfort of your lap!

Visit StoryCellar Online to become a member or submit a story.



Model Kamimi Chin Loy, Miami, November 2010

Shane was advised by his guidance counsellor that he should not work in an office so he bought a camera and began taking pictures. He studied Photography in Dublin and then moved to San Francisco where he started by shooting everything from celebrities to coffins.

When he learned about tintypes, a photography process from the 1870s, he gave it his full attention and now he runs his own studio producing sensual, provocative portraits and landscapes.


Imedla May

Jeff is a Londoner I met through the and he has a huge gallery of photos that he takes at numerous gigs he attends. He captures the passion of each performance. You can almost hear the music through each photograph.

Public Relations

Pivotal Communications run by Liz McGonigal and Martin Hayes.

They bring together years of practical Marketing, Branding, Communication and Business experience to large and small companies in Ireland.

Pivotal will lift the profile of your company through traditional Marketing and online Social Media channels.

Visual Design

Aislí Madden began publishing her graphics professionally at fourteen. Not content with that she studied Visual Communications in DIT before shooting through the ranks in the Irish offices of John Hinde and eventually managed their subsidiary company PostcardXpress.

Through Design BOS Aislí has brought the high end concept of “Urban design” and introduced it to her Corporate and SME centric client base.

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Visual Artists

Helen Boylan

The look of certain women is the main influence for my art. I find drawing and painting the female face and form the most challenging but ultimately the most rewarding subject.

Apart from particular women, I find inspiration almost anywhere – in films, books, magazines, music, nature, black comedy, architecture – and my paintings merge a sense of realism with a hint of fantasy or a dark edginess.

Usually I combine the two very different but complementary disciplines of drawing and of painting with oils. My art experience includes using a wide range of media, so for commissioned artworks, I work in whichever medium the client chooses.

Commissioned pieces can take many forms and have included landscapes, abstract paintings, portraits, wall murals, illustrations, still life and life drawing.

Visit Helen Boylan

Debbie Millington

Debbie graduated from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design (NCAD) with a Degree in Fashion and Textiles and immediately started her own clothes line. This brought her to London where she became involved in creating costumes for the film, television and theatre industries.

Since then she has and continues to work on many high profile productions in Ireland and abroad.

These include The Guard (2009), Leap Year (2009), Brideshead Revisited (2007), Riverdance and One Hundred Mornings (2009), The Tudors, King Arthur, the list goes on.

Visit her facebook page to have a look at her unique and striking visual style.


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