Film Trivia

Question 1

1. In which classic does Blaine cross Strasser with a Renault?

Question 2

2. Name these actors


Question 3

Frenchie’s sons Adolph and Leonard made some movies, what were the nick names of their other siblings?

Question 4

Watch this clip of “Back to the Future” and tell tell me when you first see the  ads for  Turtle Wax and All State.

Question 5

Who is to be spotted leaving a pet shop, reading a book on the London underground, in a photograph, in a newspaper, walking passed a tennis court with a walking stick, in silhouette through a glass door, wearing a black coat and smoking a cigarette, crossing the road, fixing the time on a clock in an apartment, etc.?

Question 6

Which actress intermittently stares out at you from my blogsite?

Question 7

What do these movie characters have in common?
Abraham Lincoln, Kevin, Walker, Cole, Taylor, Henry and Alba, and Beethoven.
Name the movies.

Question 8

Name  this actor?

Question 9

Which magazine is used as product placement in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’?

Question 10

Whose first four films as director were (in chronological order) about a lost bicycle, attempted house repossession, dual personality, and an unfinished science experiment?

Question 11

Tom Selleck, Steve Martin, Virginia Madsen, Wesley Snipes, Henry Fonda,  Gary Cooper, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matt Dillon.

Name their shared onscreen profession?

(One and only clue, the answer is not Acting)

Question 12

Before they were actors they were children.
Can you name them?

Question 13

(Unlucky for some but maybe not for you)

All the following actors have played roles that share one common theme.
Robert Beatty, Robert Downey Junior, Leigh Dilley,  Julie Andrews, and Dustin Hoffman.
What is it?


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Film Trivia Answers

1. Casablanca
2. Paul Newman and Marlon Brando
3. Groucho, Gummo and Zeppo
4. Both at 41 seconds, All Slate clearly at 44 seconds
5. Alfred Hitchcock
6. Find her yourself
7. They are all time travellers.
Abraham Lincoln & Beethoven (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Kevin – Time Bandits
Walker – Timecop
Cole – Twelve Monkeys
Taylor – Planet of the Apes
Henry & Alba – The Time Traveller’s Wife
8. Tom Cruise
9. National Geographic
10. Tim Burton
11. They are all architects.
12. Meg Ryan and Leonardo DiCaprio
13. They have all played characters who adopt a false identity in public was the answer I was looking for.
Robert Beatty – Where eagles dare
Robert Downey Junior – Tropic Thunder
Leigh Dilley – The eagle Has landed
Julie Andrews – Victor/Victoria,
Dustin Hoffman – Tootsie
But you could have also had
They have all played real life people
And as Dominic (who won this competition when it was running) pointed out
They’ve all played characters who have had Nazis try to kill them. (all true…!)


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