Beanmimo: Creative Consultant – Telling Your Story


Everyone has a story to tell.

I will guide you through what it means to be a writer and  hand you the tools you will need need to write your story in any of the following formats.

  • Novel
  • Screenplay
  • Play for the Stage
  • Radio Play

I  teach Screen & Play-writing in National Media College (NMC), Dublin.

I am a Creative Consultant in the story editing process  for Published Authors, Independent film-makers and Screen-writers.

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Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

‘Writing a first novel is a solitary and uncertain endeavour and for me, it was full of false starts and self-doubt. But I had something that few novice writers have: I had Ben Moore. His companionable, encouraging, creative and most of all clear-thinking comments on my earlier drafts made all the difference to me. Without his help and encouragement, my novel would still be languishing in the bottom drawer. Ben is one of those rare people: a generous, unassuming but extemely clever sounding-board for creative writers, and someone who understands the essence of story better than anyone I know.’

‘Back to Blackbrick’ is Sarah Moore Fitzgerald’s first novel, published by Orion Children’s books in the UK, selected as Dubray children’s book of the month and featured as the Sunday Times children’s book of the week in February 2013.

David Kelleher

‘Ben has read several of my draft screenplays and I have always found his comments and insights thought provoking. Ben sees both the detail and the bigger picture. That is what a writer needs from a reader.’

Clare O’Dea

‘There’s a fine balance to be struck between criticism that enhances a
script and criticism that bogs it down and Ben struck that balance
beautifully when he story edited the radio play I sent him. It was
clear to me that Ben had read the material closely while maintaining a
good overview of the narrative structure. Using the recommendations
made by Ben, I was able to clear up any minor inconsistencies in the
story and also fix a broader underlying problem. The final version was
stronger and clearer, with no more unanswered questions for the

Niall McArdle

‘Writing is a lonely business and needs the company of friends. Sometimes it also needs a good kick in the arse. Anyone can spot a typo; it takes a keen eye and a great sense of story to find the holes in your piece that you’ve missed, and to ask you why your main character behaves like Bruce Willis one minute and Bruce Forsyth the next.  Ben Moore’s devotion to good writing – and his belief that good writing can only get better – makes him the perfect reader. He can tear apart your work and put it back together better and stronger than it was. He is without doubt one of the most able and generous editors I’ve come across. He’s also a remarkably decent guy. I hate him.’
Niall McArdle is an Irish writer based in the Ottawa Valley, where he gets by with silence, cunning, exile … and maple syrup.

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