The Student’s Guide to an Epic Online Reputation …And Parents Too! By Wayne Denner – Book Review

In his book, “The Student’s Guide to an Epic Online Reputation …And Parents Too!”, Wayne Denner argues that no matter what age you are or whether you are/are not active on Social Media/the Internet that you already have an online reputation which needs managing.

Wayne Denner - Digital Ninja!

Wayne Denner – Digital Ninja!


Who is Wayne Denner and why should we listen to him?

In the 1990s when I started to interact with people on internet based communities like Geocities (before there was a word for Social Media) Wayne Denner was way ahead of me and had set up his own community based in the UK & Ireland. It was called which would showcase pictures from events and nights out. This was pre Myspace, Bebo, Facebook & Twitter. So much before its time that Wayne could not source funding to keep it going. Since then he has maintained a professional interest in the rise of the different Social Media sites and investigated the ways that they can be used for and against your reputation.

Wayne’s book is primarily aimed at teenagers and their parent’s but I would argue that everybody would benefit from giving it a read.

Wayne is not just active on multiple social media platforms but he speaks regularly on the topic of Online Reputation in schools and with organisations throughout Ireland, the UK and the Middle East.

His book is packed with juicy statistics from HR and recruitment about the rise and ease of online background checks being carried out today. These warnings are backed up with short and chilling case studies of people who have shot their own reputations in the foot with a few thoughtless keystrokes. But this book is not just about these horror stories. Wayne guides any teenager (or adult) through a solid foundation upon which to build (or rebuild) a positive online reputation.

The only shortcoming I can see is that he tends to be a little repetitive with some of his information but you do have to remember that it is primarily aimed at teenagers and the facts he repeats are the important ones. Nevertheless the message he delivers is significant. Its importance will only grow as the years go by as we see the Internet and Social Media mature.

Follow Wayne on twitter @waynedenner

You can get his book from his website here.

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