Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon – Spellbound (1945) – Beanmimo

This is a guest blog I wrote for MovieRob’s Hitchcock Blogathon.

hitchcockFor our next review for the Alfred Hitchcock blogathon (our 31st), we present you with a review of Spellbound by Ben Moore of Beanmimo.

Thanks Ben for being a part of this!


Spellbound (1945) directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Bu Ben Moore of Beanmimo

An aloof and professional psychiatrist (Ingrid Bergman) falls for the new head of psychiatry (Gregory Peck) but once he begins to display odd behaviour (leading to a manhunt) she has to use her psychoanalytical skills to find out whether he is guilty or innocent of murder.


The first time I watched this dark chapter on Hitchcock’s repertoire was about 25 years ago and it left me with three lasting impressions: Dali’s dream sequences, the old and shrewd psychiatrist played by Michael Chechov and it was the first time I had seen Ingrid Bergman outside of Casablanca.

Audiences today will find the plot use of basic Freudian…

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