Pondling – Theatre Review

Thanks to Guna Nua for the invitation.

It is unusually hot in Dublin as we climb the stairs of the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar. A wardrobe to the left, an upturned crate in the middle, a couple of chests and a small hinged box litter the stage.

Some of audience fan themselves while others grab a last and desperate look at their phones before the performance begins.


Pondling’s Writer/Actor and award winning Genevieve Hulme-Beaman arrives out on stage. Her character is about twelve years old whose dark soul boils with a brutal confidence which evaporates when it has to leave the confines of her own psyche.

For the next 60 minutes she brings the audience through a monologue which is creepy, emotionally unbalanced, with humour that is black and sticky, and wonderfully captivating. She is utterly believable and at once scary and pathetic.

It didn’t help that a member of the audience nervously took on the role of unnecessary laughter pace-setter before Genieveve had finished her first line. But it wasn’t long before the rest of the audience were drowning her out.

Ms. Hulme-Beaman was not fazed as she threw us creepy stares and swung into so many different emotional states a mood ring would have looked like a rainbow. She captures the state of a deeply troubled tween on the verge of teenage years to a frightening degree. Her temperament swings from the simplicity of girlhood in one moment to a skewed idea of womanhood the next and all sprinkled with a thick layer of psychotic scary dust.


Directed by Paul Meade of Guna Nua Theatre  and written and performed by Genevieve Hulme-Beaman in The Project Arts Centre.

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3 responses to “Pondling – Theatre Review

  1. Sarah Fitzgerald

    I love this review. Such a tantalising glimpse of the performance. Makes me want to check it out immediately. Beanmimo’s reviews often have that effect.

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