Edge of Tomorrow – Film Review

Preview screening thanks to IMC Cinemas

Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) is an advertising executive turned military PR man who, after an act of insubordination, is sent directly to the front-line in a war against the Mimics, alien invaders, who have attacked the Earth. Here he becomes stuck in a time loop.


O.k. he does actually have a character name but they are all beginning to blur. The problem with Tom Cruise movies is that he usually wields more power than anyone else on the production. This works both for the movies he is involved in but also against them. He brings values to most areas of his movies that are rarely seen in such abundance on other sets with the exception of plot and character development. Here the productions seem to rely on the Tom Cruise factor which will bring audiences to the cinema. For example I find his sci-fi movies flat (with the exception of Minority Report where he was matched with the power wielding skills of Spielberg).


Edge of Tomorrow is both slick and silly.  If you can forgive 1) a messy “time loop“ plot, something to do with blood and the Omega (brain) Mimic (the aliens), 2) the aliens themselves who, beyond being told that they Mimic human behaviour, just seem to thrash around like giant, wild, multi-tentacled, vortex-mouthed insects on a killing spree and 3) the ‘romantic’ plot which seems to have been hammered in with a wooden clog this… movie is actually a bit of fun.


Once the time loop is in action and Tom is having his Groundhog Day on the beaches in France where the frontline action takes place (an odd hat tip to the Normandy landings?) the movie is entertaining and funny. The multiple time loops could have become boring but instead it is used to good comic effect as we see certain scenes for the first time but soon realise that Tom is wearily going through the paces. Cruise is not his usual ‘top of his game’ character in this movie. He is thrown in at the deep end with a good supporting cast all willing him to fail. Brendan Gleeson plays a tough General, Bill Paxton is perfect as an equally hard-nosed platoon leader and Emily Blunt provides the love interest as a War Hero.


Of course many science fiction fans will be interested in the suit of armour he wears. In movie terms it is at once a beefed up version of suits we have seen in the Alien franchise and Elysium. While not being as powerful as the ones seen in Avatar it still holds an impressive and refreshingly limited amount of firepower. In reality I am told (with authority) that is looks very like the suits currently being developed by Ekso Bionics in the U.S.

Visually it is worth a trip to the cinema and if you think you might be disappointed try an afternoon show that won’t be as expensive!


Edge of Tomorrow opens in Irish Cinemas on 30th May


One response to “Edge of Tomorrow – Film Review

  1. i’ve heard mostly so-so about this, but i really want to see it. i actually liked Oblivion (i’m in thr minority, i know)

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