Frank Directed by Lenny Abrahamson – Film Review

An aspiring songwriter,  Jon, stumbles into the position as a keyboard player of an experimental and unpronounceable band, Soronprfbs, led by the enigmatic papier-mâché head wearing Frank as they embark the recording of their first album.


Lenny Abrahamson has doubled back to the tone of poignant humour he first delivered to us in Adam & Paul. Though Frank deals with mental instability and depression it covers it up with a lovely gentle humour, much as Frank (Michael Fassbender) covers up his own head with a cartoon visage.

Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) is the every-man character who is thrown into the world where Frank, who never takes off his mask, is revered as a genius by the rest of the dysfunctional band. Instead of meeting these deficiencies head on Jon is naively swept along with the rest of the members into believing Franks genius status. But the longer he stays the more he gets to know and tries to understand the human and troubled side of Frank.


Domhnall Gleeson plays a very similar inexperienced character to the role in About Time even down to the English accented narration and he wears it with comfort. Though we do not see Michael Fassbender’s face he is convincing as the revered front man whose layers are slowly peeled away. Maggie Gyllenhaal is more than believable as the terrifyingly psychotic theremin player. While Scoot McNairy is Don the informal manager/Bass player of the band who get’s the lion’s share of the best lines and uses them naturally. All of the performances are great.


Abrahamson has paced the movie in his usual easy going stride. The humour is dry and evenly scattered throughout the plot alongside heavier scenes dealing with the theme of depression which becomes more evident toward the end of the story.

I cannot say it is an overwhelming movie but I left with a sad but warm feeling in my heart.


Frank is now playing in Irish Cinemas

Check your local Irish Cinema here


One response to “Frank Directed by Lenny Abrahamson – Film Review

  1. Good to read your thoughts on the film .. think I’ll give it a go, especially if the acting is good. Thanks!

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