Irish Film Trivia Round 8

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The Questions

Which production was shot in Dublin over 34 days in 2011 and starred a leading Hollywood actress who adapted it from a one ‘man’ show?

Which Irish filmed television series was the first small screen appearance for Eva Green?


What connection does the organ like instrument featured in This Must Be The Place have to David Byrne in reality?


Which outspoken Irish actor said this about Ardmore Studios “It’s proximity to Dublin, a myriad of diverse locations, facilities and first rate crews, make it Grade A. It’s track record over the years speaks for itself. Unhesitatingly, I would recommend it as a first class studio”?


Which 1978 Irish filmed movie starred Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland and Leslie-Ann Downe?


How did Director John Wright help actors Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley prepare for the filming of ‘Grabbers’?


While Hurricane Hugo was causing extensive damage in Puerto Rico on 18th September 1989 what program did RTE air for the first time?


What is the Costume connection between Northanger Abbey and Becoming Jane?


Name the movie: shot in 2000, in Dublin, cast includes Kate Hudson & Tommy Tiernan?


Name the programme that Dermot Morgan and Pauline McGlynn worked  on before Father Ted?


The Answers

Albert Nobbs was filmed in Dublin (with Glenn Close).

Camelot was where Eva Green made her first screen appearance. 

It is based on an installation David Byrne created, where he hooked an organ to old pipes in a a factory allowing people to ‘play the building’.

Gabriel Byrne spoke those words about Ardmore.

The Great Train Robbery starred Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland and Leslie-Ann Downe.

He got them drunk and then filmed them so that they know how they would have to act drunk in “Grabbers”.

Fair City started on the same day Hurricane Hugo was raging.

The white overdress with pink and green stripes Carey Mulligan (Isabella Thorpe) is wearing when she first meets Catherine Morland in “Northanger Abbey” is the same costume worn by Jessica Ashworth’ (Lucy Lefroy) to the Laverton Fair in “Becoming Jane”.

Hudson & Tiernan appeared in “About Adam”

Morgan & McGlynn worked together on Scrap Saturday (radio)

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2 responses to “Irish Film Trivia Round 8

  1. i did well on this round. I remember reading the script for ‘grabbers’ online. is it any good?

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