Irish Film Trivia Round 6

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The Questions

Which Irish television series first aired on 18th September 1989?


Which member of the “Ripper Street” (shot in Dublin) cast first appeared on stage age 11 in a school production of “Oklahoma!”?


The brother of which Irish movie director fronts the The Long Jump Band who performed in the ballroom scenes of “Circle Of Friends”?


John Boorman directed “The General” about the life and crimes of Martin Cahill but what other connection did the two men have?


Although “The Boxer” was set in Belfast, in which Irish city was is principally shot?


Colin Farrell sings the song “I Fought The Law” at then end of which of his movies?


Which two Irish Movie leads were so convincing that they were asked to leave their own set by the Irish Police in 2004?


Besides playing a musician what is the connection between Glen Hansard’s first and second film appearances?


During which production was Angelica Huston detained by the Irish Police?


Approximately how many Extras were used in the ballroom scene in Becoming Jane? (to the nearest 100)


The ANswers

Fair City first aired on 18th September 1989

Irish Actor Charlene McKenna from “Ripper Street” (shot in Dublin) cast first appeared on stage age 11 in a school production of “Oklahoma!”

Jim Sheridan’s brother John Sheridan front The Long Jump Band featured in “Circle Of Friends”.

Martin Cahill once robbed Boorman’s house and stole a gold record from his wall, Boorman recreated the theft in the movie.

“The Boxer” was primarily shot in Dublin

Colin Farrell sings “I Fought the Law” for the film “Intermission”

Mark O’Halloran and Tom Murphy in character as a pair of heroin junkies were asked to leave the set by the Gardaí  during the filming of “Adam & Paul”.

In his last scene in “The Commitments” Glen Hansard is seem busking and in the opening scene in “Once” he is also seen busking.

“Agnes Brown”, while researching the role a Moore Street trader invited her to practice her pitch and then, as a joke, someone told the local beat Guard that there was an unlicensed trader selling in the street.

Around 300 Extras were used in the ballroom scene in Becoming Jane.

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