Thanks For Sharing – Film Review

Advanced Screening courtesy of Eclipse Pictures and Koch Media at Cineworld Dublin.

Three people struggle to maintain normal lives  while battling their sex addiction urges.


Unlike another recent film about sex addiction Shame, director Blumberg’s first feature at the helm Thanks for Sharing takes a lighter path and slotted the subject into the familiar structure of a romantic comedy. So it is a Romantic-Sex-Addiction Comedy. A soft formulaic way of dealing with a sticky subject but I am not sure if he managed to marry the two so successfully.


Mark Ruffalo, ever the sympathetic actor, is almost too nice to be playing a sex addict but part of the film’s message is that this ‘can happen to anyone’ as he struggles with whether to tell his new girlfriend Gwyneth Palthrow his secret. Tim Robbins character is the older sex addict, there to show us the long term effects on a family while Josh Gadd’s character is making his first stumbling steps on his journey of recovery.  These performances are good with Josh Gadd standing out as well as a great supporting role from singer Alecia Moore (Pink).


As the plot is Rom-Com formulaic there are no surprises in store, it is fairly predictable, sentimental,  and the plot wavers between trying to be cute or making fun of sex addiction and then revealing some harsh realities about the nature of addiction. When it is in any of these three phases it delivers them well but when you put them together in a story it comes across as uneven.

Ruffalo and Palthrow’s dating scenes slot nicely into the ‘cute’ bracket and are quite heart melting. It is beautifully shot, some of the interiors could have walked straight out of an Ideal Homes catalogue. What saves the film in the end is the acting and the dialogue which is excellent, funny and snappy but try to avoid the trailer/teaser as it contains most of the good lines. Though Blumberg has written a few other screenplays it is a good stab as a first time writer/director.


Thanks For Sharing opens in Ireland on 4th october

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