“Die Hard” with a difference with the Jameson Cult Film Club

The memory of watching Die Hard for the first time has been drowned out by its increasingly silly sequels and the amount of time I have fooled myself into thinking that they wouldn’t be as bad as I remember. OK, the second one was wasn’t that bad. I digress, so when I got the chance to watch the original again with the Jameson Cult Film Club, I instinctively made fists with my toes in anticipation.

JCFC Die Hard 78

We were greeted by a police car outside the Tivoli Theatre, the taxi driver thought there had been trouble but anyone who had been to a Jameson  Cult Film Club event  knows that ‘out of the ordinary’ is to be expected.

JCFC Die Hard 93

As we entered we were give token ‘Bonds’ for our free Jameson cocktails and were faced with a packed Tivoli foyer and bar. Music pumped out burgers were being served and darting in and out of the crowd were players dressed as characters from the movie, I spotted a John McClane, a Hans Gruber and a handful of terrorists/thieves complete long blond wigs and some convincing-looking fake machine guns.

We were hustled to our seats by the men with ‘machine guns’  and the film itself was very neatly introduced by the aforementioned John McClane and Hans Gruber on either side of the stage, conversing in true Die Hard fashion through walkie-talkies and talking about exits and bathrooms and portable phones.

JCFC Die Hard 94

Die Hard was even better than I remember. The Cult aspect consisted of  set pieces, the players would act out certain parts of the movie on the stage as they were happening on the screen, which were executed with such perfect timing that they blended seamlessly with the film.

Yippie-ky-yay and thank you to Burrell PR for another satisfying evening’s entertainment.

To be in with a chance to see the next one click this link!

“Intermission” and brown sauce at the Jameson Cult Film Club

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