The – A Blogging Challenge

The Blog Awards for Irish Bloggers 2013 was launched with style last Thursday in the lovely surroundings of the Glenisk pop up shop on Dublin’s Dawson Street. They set a challenge to write a blog based on three random words chosen from a hat, before I knew it my hand (clutching my smart phone) was in the air (if I had chosen the other hand my Prosecco would have gone everywhere).

So here goes.

The Simpsons began as crude number of short sketches on the Tracy Ullman show and grew to capture the imagination of a number of generations. It is a unique phenomenon of animated television which has just finished it’s multi record breaking 24th season. The series makers should remember to tip their hats to at least three other television programmes, The Honeymooners, The Flintstones and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. In one particular Simpsons episode “Lisa The Iconoclast” the writers introduced the word ‘Cromulent’ defined as validating the legitimacy of a made up or nonsense word that makes sense within the structure of a sentence. Despite not appearing in any recognised dictionary, Cromulent produces over 40 pages of results when searched on the internet. Google now gives ‘cromulent’ cromulence.

Love is all you need, in the air, is like a red red rose, means not having to say you are sorry, a many splendoured thing… etc, Love is a feeling between family, friends and people, it can grow, sustain, devour and destroy. Even though you cannot hold it in your hand it is one of the most powerful forces on this earth. While I have had various relationships, I remain one of those who are unlucky with love but still I understand its value and have not locked it out of my heart for good. While I wait for the right person, she is out there, I have put love to use by losing myself in the words or images that I discover in books and movies where I continue to find endless examples.

The only time I sat on a horse was in Co. Wicklow in my early teens. I felt a certain amount of trepidation mounting the animal but more confident once I had learned the basic skills. After the lesson I still felt that the animal had gone for a walk and I was literally along for the ride. In the thirty years between then and now I have not sat on a horse. But while I was in college I read Gulliver’s Travels, of the four world’s he visited the last was the Land of the Houyhnhnms (pronounced ‘whynims’) a race of English speaking and cultured Horses who did not have it in their philosophy to tell a lie. Some how when I finished this passage I had gained a new found admiration for their grace, beauty and power. While writing this blog I took a break and met this beautiful example on a stroll.

In short, since encountering Swifts’s Houyhhnhms I found the idea perfectly cromulent and it has served to enhance my love and appreciation of the horse.


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