Box Of Frogs – A Revue of the Mind

“A Comedian, an Actress and a Broadcaster walk into a room…”, this sounds like the set up for a joke but instead Box of Frogs is an intriguing, insightful and witty performance about the serious problem of Depression.


You might think that poking fun at depression was a distasteful premise for a live performance until you hear how Box of Frogs came about. Playwright Isobel Mahon interviewed the three performers John Moynes (Comedian), Mary McEvoy (Actress) and Dil Wickremasinghe (Broadcaster) about their own lifelong struggles with depression. Mahon then wrote a first draft of the play. Between the performers, Mahon and director Caroline Fitzgerald they have sculpted and pieced together this very amusing and sometimes heart-breaking patchwork of sketches that never forgets an age old theatrical tradition of turning tragedy into comedy.

The production and staging may remind you a little of a school play but this is down to the improvised nature of how it was devised and it only adds to the flavour of what they are serving you. We quickly realise that these people have suffered and they are making us laugh without any feelings of guilty.

Anyone who has ever felt the dark cloud of depression or even had to deal with anyone close who suffers from it should experience Box of Frogs.

Box of Frogs is part of the See Change movement which is working to bring about positive change in public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems.

Or catch up with their schedule here


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