“Intermission” and brown sauce at the Jameson Cult Film Club

I was invited to this months screening of “Intermission” with The Jameson Cult Film Club by Burrell PR.


I found myself at the end of Hanover Quay (a part of Dublin that had escaped me until now) on a sunny June Summer’s evening. As I walked along the redeveloped Grand Canal Dock, I could almost see the line where the Celtic Tiger stopped and old Dublin begins again. The buildings turn from 21 Century, shiny noughties design to the crumbling charismatic rundown warehouses that hold untold amounts of Dublin’s dockland historical memories.

I had not attended any of their previous events and was more than curious about what would be waiting inside.

Mega Mart Employees hand out Jameson

I walked from the time warp of old Dublin into the venue and the atmosphere inside punched me in the face. Part living film set (without the cameras) and part Nightclub (Music, images, props and abundance of Jameson on offer mixed with various tasty flavourings).

Entering Mega Mart

The old warehouse was dressed with stylish set pieces from the film, not only were there food aisles of Mega Mart (the fictional supermarket where the characters worked) adorned with real products like apples, sweets, etc but most impressively (for this film lover) they had living installations amusingly and professionally helmed by actors taking on various scenes from “Intermission”. Then people dressed in the Mega Mart uniforms appeared with trays of delicious burgers.

"Tip me back"

After an hour and a half of soaking up the atmosphere we took our seats and the film began. At various pivotal scenes during the film our attentions were diverted by actors who would run through the aisles or appear from the sides and act out a part of what was happening on screen.  It is an odd experience but certainly did not feel out of place. These enhancements were encouraged by applause and whoops from the audience.


All in all the night was more than worthwhile and a unique cinematic experience. I can’t wait for the next one.

A final note on “Intermission” itself, it was made in 2003 at one of the higher levels of the Irish Boom yet the climate of the Celtic Tiger didn’t affect the plot, it would have been funny in 1983, 1993 and it is still funny today. It isn’t going to win any awards for depth or answer any philosophical questions about life but with a witty script, and solid acting it will always be a laugh to those who don’t mind a bit of swearing, violence and brown sauce.



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