Irish Film Trivia Round 3

Care of my movie newsletters from 2012, test your random Irish Film Trivia here…

Which pair of acting brothers appeared in John Ford’s The Rising of the Moon?

The Rising Of The Moon

Why did Lenny Abrahamson’s (What Richard Did) second feature Garage receive an 18’s certificate in the UK?


Name the movie from this Four Word Film Review clue… “Aidan and abetting Ireland.”

Aidan Quinn

How many Extras were used in the five minute Dunkirk scene from Atonement?


Which Irish Actress tweeted this on April 12th 2013

“U2 rockin’ out on the iPod. Hair and Make-up truck decorated with balloons and stars – what a great start to my 18th… Doing what I love!”


Who did Richard Harris replace as “Bull McCabe” in Jim Sheridan’s movie version of John B. Keane’s play The Field?

The Field

Which Irish Actor retired in 2012 via letter which opened with “It is time for me to chuck in the sponge.”?


How many of the late (and internationally mourned) Irish author Maeve Binchy’s works have been brought to the screen?

Maeve Binchy

Which Irish Actor has a part in Richard Curtis (Love Actually) romantic fantasy About Time?

Richard Curtis

Which Irish Actor said “I made films I did not want to see, I took planes to places I didn’t want to visit, I bought houses I didn’t live in. I was numb, and it didn’t seem to matter.”

Who said it?

The Answers

Jimmy and Joseph O’Dea starred in The Rising Of The Moon

Garage was given the 18 cert due to a close up shot of the cover of a pornographic video the main character receives from a van driver.

The four word clue was for Michael Collins

Around 1,000 extras were used in Atonement

Saoirse Ronan was the tweeter

Ray McAnally  (Who had iconically played the role in the theatre) died before the film version of The Field was made.

Peter O’Toole wrote the letter.

Seven of Maeve Binchys book have been adapted for the screen. How About You… (2007), Anner House (2007), Tara Road (2005),  Circle of Friends (1995), The Lilac Bus (1990),  Echoes (1988), Deeply Regretted By (1978)

Domhnall Gleeson (Son of Brendan Gleeson) stars in About Time

Richard Harris said all those things about his life.

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