I’m So Excited Directed by Pedro Almodovar – Review

Thanks to Eclipse Pictures I watched a press screening of I’m So Excited directed by Pedro Almodovar.

I'm So Excited

A flight from Spain to New Mexico is thrown into jeopardy when the crew realise that the landing gear has malfunctioned. The Pilot, Co-Pilot and three air stewards manage to drug everyone in economy class leaving half the crew and the business class passengers awake  until they can find a landing strip.

It is hard to decide whether the plot or the characters are more ridiculous. So you need to be armed with a bag of salt when watching Almodavar’s (Tie me Up Tie Me Down, All About My Mother) latest movie. The more films I watch by Almodovar the more I am convinced he is the Spanish equivalent of the Coen Brothers.


This is basically a bedroom farce set on a plane. The three Gay Air Stewards and bisexual cabin crew readily abuse alcohol, drugs, and The Pointer Sister’s signature song to try and steady their own nerves and those of the Business class passengers. Passengers and crew alike have secrets which are slowly and entertainingly unwrapped as the film progresses.


If you are shocked or appalled by substance abuse, graphic sexual innuendo and rapid fire Spanish dialogue with subtitles then steer clear. Otherwise it is funny, surreal and highly enjoyable.


I’m So Excited opens in Irish Cinemas on 3 May

cert: 16

Check your local Irish Cinema here

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