Back To Blackbrick by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald – Review

If I had not loved my sister’s book I would have avoided writing a blog about it.

“Back To Blackbrick” is the story of 12 year old Cosmo and the strong relationship he has with his Grandfather. As the first signs of Alzheimer’s Disease begin to emerge Cosmo is determined to help his Grandfather recover his memory in any way he can.

Back To Blackbrick

Just when all his efforts seem to have been in vain Cosmo promises his Grandfather he will visit a nearby house. He finds himself in the middle of the night struggling with an ancient padlock, wondering if he is just following the whim of a failing mind.

At the gates of Blackbrick he realises he has been given a magical chance to help not just his Grandfather but his entire family. Here is where the adventure really begins.

What makes a story stand out from the crowd is when the author finds a clear and true voice for their characters and then these characters make natural choices as they find their way through the plot.

In Cosmo, my sister, has found a voice which rivals Christopher from “The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-time” and a plot which is compelling enough to stand proudly beside such classics as Louis Sachar’s “Holes”.

The reading age is 10 years plus but children and adults alike will enjoy the humour of how Cosmo deals with the obstacles life throws at him; his Grandfather’s failing memory; his family’s seeming indifference to the problems and how he deals with the issues of being an outsider which is something that everybody has felt at some stage in their lives.

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Back To Blackbrick” by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald has been published by Orion (UK) and will be available to buy from 7th February 2013.

But don’t take my word for it, there are many other reviews online, or simply read it yourself and make up your own mind.


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