Culture in Dublin – Summer 2012: 2 of 3: A Play

Dublin City

Shakespeare in the Garden

If you are ever in Dublin and looking for a break from the many sites and experiences my capital has to offer, seek out the Iveagh Gardens. Once you enter you completely lose the reality of being in a city at all. Its high walls, waterfalls, fountains, walks and well kept landscaping transports you back in time, bring a picnic as time travel may provoke hunger.

It was in those Gardens that I was lucky enough to catch the last performance of “The Tempest” by the Fortunes Fool Production Company.The players braved the elements of Dublin and put on several performances of the exciting Shakespeare play.

Most of us sat on the grass  in a corner of the Gardens (some clever people had brought chairs). As the crowd gathered the actors strolled amongst us, casually taking their spots.

Then suddenly the action began, a storm at sea  was represented by some actors swaying while others shouted and more ran through the crowds with billowing blue sheets as the ‘ship’ sank.

I did not notice the time pass nor the act of sitting on the grass caused damp to find the seat of my trousers. The unaltered language of Shakespeare floated through the gardens. It may have been somewhat difficult to follow at some stages due to the lack of an actual set but this was balanced by the utter professionalism of Fortunes Fool whose enthusiasm and energy for the play and it’s characters kept us enthralled throughout.

The usual tranquility of the Iveagh Gardens was interrupted, briefly, by a protest that was taking place outside the walls and some seagulls that decided to heckle.

Keep an eye out for them if they decide to, once again, grace us with their presence.

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2 responses to “Culture in Dublin – Summer 2012: 2 of 3: A Play

  1. sebastianflyte101

    Very beautiful photo.

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