A Writer’s Block technique that doubles as a word search puzzle

If you are having writers block try this technique inspired from a facebook post by Martin McGregor.

Use song titles from one band write a short passage.

Guess which band I chose?


How many song titles can you find?

“I woke up before dawn and sat there waiting for the sun. Another blue Sunday has rolled in. I look through the back door. Man, it’s dark and cold. So I decide to light my fire while cars hiss by my window.

My neighbour whispers to his plants in his back garden, people are strange.

Dvds everywhere, I ordered them by Production Company, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox etc. Then I find a almost empty bottle of whiskey bar a dribble.

My phone bleeps to life, a message from ‘La Woman’ wondering how I was.

She loved me two times but now we are friends.

I still love her madly for being the person who thinks of me first thing in the morning. She wants me to meet the new horse.

Latitudes and longitudes she sends me.

Her name is Maggie McGill and we met on what we used to call Love Street. She was with a friend, another rider. On the stormiest of days we rushed to the nearest roadhouse.

Blues were playing us when we arrived. At first she seemed like an unhappy girl but she soon brightened up.

Hours melted into days and we took moonlight drives, she was the Queen of the Highway. I just wanted to tell all the people about her. Sometimes she would just touch me and I’d know what she wanted.

I loved her unpredictability; she’s a wild child, the changeling. But at the end of the night she would curl up beside me and whisper “Hello, I love you” whether I was awake or asleep.

Everyday at five to one in the afternoon as the crystal ship on my shelf reflects the sun into my eye as I sit in my chair still watching dvds. I thought about going out but my feet seemed determined not to touch the earth. I put on some sounds and decided that when the music’s over I’d clean up. Good for the soul.

Kitchen is a mess anyway. The clothes horse had old wooden wheels and when full looked like a some sort of Spanish caravan.

At this stage I’d been down so long that I couldn’t remember anything else. What was I supposed to do suddenly snap out if it and cry “Land Ho! My eyes have seen you, let’s break on through to the other side my mood is having an Indian summer. No, I’ll just have to take it as it comes and make my way through this ship of fools.

Strange days.

Peace frogs!

The End”

So add your own and I will set up a page and post them up.

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